Visual storyteller fueled by nature & raw wilderness, finding joy in outdoor minimalism.

In 2021, after eight years it was time  – goodbye Head of Social Media in a large corporation, hello self-employment with outdoor stories in words and pictures. Today, I live my passion for photography and “the outdoors” also professionally. I’m working as a brand ambassador for the camera brand OM System (formerly Olympus) or capture activities & adventures in Switzerland and the world for tourism destinations. I also like to shoot products for outdoor brands or sustainable startups. I share the results on my blog & social media.

I’m particularly interested in sustainability and climate change – which is why I’m involved in Protect our Winters and Mountain Wilderness, for example. I am also happy to support startups that produce innovative, recyclable products with image/video content or social media consulting.

Sharing my knowledge is important to me – that’s why I founded the outdoor community Swissmountaingirls in 2018, with the goal of inspiring, connecting and empowering women in the outdoor sector both digitally and offline. With my expertise, I also coach as a social media consultant and teach selectively at Swiss universities. 

What I offer:

Vivid stories – aesthetic-minimalistic images – social media optimized videos for e.g. the outdoor sector, tourism providers and sustainability brands. Coaching & strategy development in social media & brand management for companies in the outdoor sector.

Photography & Video Content

Pictures have been my passion for over 20 years. From destination marketing to outdoor products – as long as it’s about the outdoors, almost anything goes. For videos, I focus on short formats optimized for social media.

Blogging & Texting

With professional backgrounds in marketing, PR, journalism, as well as a master’s degree in journalism, my words can find expression in different writing styles depending on the medium. My personal style is reflected in my blog.

Consulting & Workshops

I like to pass on my professional experience from more than 10 years in leading positions in the field of social media strategy as a consultant or lecturer, preferably to companies in the tourism sector or from the outdoor industry.

My stories in pictures

Outdoor experiences in minimalistic photography #outdoorminimalism

My stories in text

Vivid stories from Switzerland and the world.


I have already implemented storytelling projects for various clients, e.g. Switzerland Tourism, Engadin St. Moritz Tourism, Grindelwald Tourism, EWZ, Olimar Reisen, Graubünden Tourism, or Grindelwald Sports (merged with Outdoor Interlaken). More about this under “Content Creation”.


About me

Born in Cologne in the 80s and since 2007 at home in Switzerland. My passion for photography started at the age of 12 – I bought an analog camera with the first money I saved. After completing my master’s degree in journalism at the University of Zurich, I was drawn to social media marketing and brand management, where I worked for over 10 years at agencies and companies, most recently as Head of Social Media at AXA Switzerland. In 2020 I took the step into self-employment – “back to the roots” with a full focus on photography and storytelling for the outdoor industry.