Rain wrap: My secret weapon on wet days

Plop. Plop. The first raindrops fall on my face as I descend from last night’s campsite. Then the slow rhythm quickly turns into a staccato and the rain rushes down on me. I whip out my little secret weapon – my rain skirt. Erm, what? A skirt?

Why a skirt?

Two years ago I discovered the rain wrap by chance online while I ordered my sleeping bags. I thought to myself – just try it out! And the concept has since convinced me completely on many tours. As simple as the skirt is, as effective it is – it keeps my thighs dry, weighs almost nothing (50 gram!) and is super easy to put on in less than a minute. And most importantly, it’s well ventilated. No balancing on one leg to get into rain pants, no dirty shoes to thread through one pant leg. Just tie it around your belly, close snaps and you’re done. 

I almost never leave the house without it, and it has also served me well in waist-high, wet grass. The only drawback, which must be mentioned: It is not suitable to run with it through thorny bushes. Because as light as it is, it is also not very robust in the face of sharp edges. Fortunately, I usually do not hang around in the rain in such places! And, well – it may not exactly win a beauty award either 😉

Rain skirts manufacturer

My rain skirt is from Enlightened Equipment, based in the USA. When I ordered it, I did so as part of a larger order along with a sleeping bag. Having it shipped as a single item is possible, but probably not entirely practical. Alternatives I found online range from CHF 15.95 to CHF 150 – I’ve listed a few below with links to their websites. These are not affiliate links by the way – I just did some reserach for you.

Ultimus rain wrap - CHF 15.95
- 60 gram - Cheapest option!
To the website
Zpacks Rain Kilt - 149.50 €
- 52 gram - With zipper in the back - Made from Dyneema (hence the price tag)
To the website
Rain wrap Fruugo - CHF 19.95
No info about the weight.
To the website
Enlightened Equipment - $ 50
- "My "rain wrap - Buttons at the leg - 50 gram
To the website
Chrispacks rain wrap - € 54.95
- 80 gram - Made in Germany
To the website
Bergzeux Rainrocker - € 54.95
- 70 gram - Can be used to sit on
To the website
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What to look for when buying

Where there is rain, there is usually also wind – at least that is my experience. I therefore find it very useful to be able to fix the skirt in the middle and at the end on each other – most variants above do not have this option, at least as far as visible in the pictures. But:

 However, this can be remedied quite easily – by either sewing on snaps at the desired places or, if you have no idea of needle and thread, using glue (superglue, double-sided tape…) to attach two small velcro fasteners. Then you just have to open them carefully. Otherwise, I recommend to choose the skirt long enough, because the thighs are usually the most exposed to the rain – the calves much less. So, that’s it for the rain skirt – I hope you learned something new and are prepared for the wet season!

Disclaimer: The product mentioned in this article was purchased and extensively tested by myself. There is no cooperation with the companies mentioned.

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