Social media marketing

As a company, do I have to be active on all social media channels?

Wie und wo erreiche ich am besten meine Zielgruppe?

How many ressources do I need for social media marketing?

And where do I actually get all the content from?

The social media world is fast-paced and complex - especially if you are still at the beginning. Questions like these should ideally be answered in your social media strategy. Does such not exist yet, I can support and advise in the creation of one and school staff for the daily business to bring it to life. 

But sometimes it just needs a fresh view from the outside on the social media channels - I like to offer an external "checkup", individually tailored to the respective issues and channels. If, on the other hand, there is no image material available for the marketing of your own product, I gladly support you in creating the appropriate content. 

I am interested in consultation

Strategy consulting and custom-made workshops, adapted to individual situation

I need content

From concept to implementation - photography & storytelling with a focus on outdoor, sustainability and tourism