Social media strategy consulting

The start into professional social media marketing is sometimes difficult, as one is faced with a multitude of rapidly changing platforms – while usually at the same time having limited resources available. Typical questions can be:

  • On which social media channels should I or my company be active – where is my target group?
  • How can I build long-term content marketing with relevant content?
  • Which (free) tools can I work with?
  • How does paid advertising on Social Media work?
  • Do I need a hashtag?
  • I want to work with influencers – what do I have to pay attention to?

Workshops & Speaking

In recent years I have held workshops & lectures on the topic of Content Marketing / Social Media in various setups, e.g., at the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich and the University of Applied Sciences Zurich. Furthermore, since 2018 I have been guiding students of the University of Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland in a one-day course through the module “Content Curation & Distribution”. I was also able to introduce members of a young entrepreneurs’ club in a half-day course to the possibilities of using social media. 

I would be happy to discuss with you your individual needs in order to develop a suitable workshop.

Time exchange

For many small companies, individuals, and startups the budget for strategy workshops and individual coaching is limited. But often they can often offer something else – a service, a product or something else that might be interesting for me. Therefore, I am open for a time exchange approach, i.e.: coaching, workshop or content creation by me in return for services in the field of outdoor, sports, sustainability or destination services. I am looking forward to ideas and suggestions!

Get in touch

From strategy consulting to workshops, to brand collaboration, content creation, or just to discuss photography – I look forward to hearing from you!