Social media strategy consulting

The start into professional social media marketing is sometimes difficult, as one is faced with a multitude of rapidly changing platforms – while usually at the same time having limited resources available. Typical questions can be:

On which social media channels should I or my company be active – where is my target group?

How can I build long-term content marketing with relevant content?

Which (free) tools can I work with?

How does paid advertising on Social Media work?

Do I need a hashtag?

I want to work with influencers – what do I have to pay attention to?

Time exchange

For many small companies, individuals, and startups the budget for strategy workshops and individual coaching is limited. But often they can often offer something else – a service, a product or something else that might be interesting for me. Therefore, I am open for a time exchange approach, i.e.: coaching, workshop or content creation by me in return for services in the field of outdoor, sports, sustainability or destination services. I am looking forward to ideas and suggestions!


During my work at AXA Switzerland, I was able to build up the entire social media marketing “from scratch” in 2014 – 2022, developing the entire strategy up to the ROI analysis. Campaign planning from conception to evaluation was also part of it. With AXA, we were first movers on Whatsapp in 2018 and TikTok in 2019. At FHNW, I lectured for three years on strategic content creation & distribution. Furthermore, I already advised the following companies with my experience in Social Media Marketing:

Get in touch​

From strategy consulting to workshops, to brand collabora tion, content creation, or just to discuss photography – I look forward to hearing from you!