Content creation

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.
Without stories, we wouldn’t be human beings at all.”

 – Quote by Seth Godin & Philip Pullman –

Pure product marketing is a thing of the past – amongst 1001 detergent brands today it’s nearly impossible to stand out purely based on product features like washing performance. Rather, experiences, emotions and stories are relevant – the brand “to touch”. Images, whether moving or still, help to tell these stories. But usually there is a lack of exactly that – unique visual content, and ideally affordable and designed for social networks. A good solution here is to work with an external content creator who specializes in social media. There are various options:


Storytelling of experiences, products, destinations, people through photography – the possibilities are endless.

Story videos

In social networks the attention span is extremely short – therefore story videos must be specially designed for this.

Creation workshops

In workshops I'll explain what makes a good visual and which tools you can use to build an image strategy.

Product testing and live reports

Besides creating photo and video material for company channels, there is also the opportunity to test outdoor-related products or visit destinations live and share my experiences with my followers on my own channels. I have already been able to realize projects with Mammut, Grindelwald tourism, Graubünden tourism or the Rhaetian Railway. The communication runs primarily on my Instagram and my TikTok profile in the form of stories and posts. If desired, all the corresponding statistics can be delivered. In addition my blog has been launched recently which enables more storytelling, photos and live reports.

I have already realized content creation projects for various customers, e.g. Grindelwald Tourism, Mammut, the Rhaetian Railway or Grindelwald Sports. Below are some examples of my work. 

Storytelling examples via Instagram Stories