Content creation

„People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.
Without stories, we wouldn’t be human beings at all.“

Pure product marketing has long been a thing of the past - among 1001 detergent brands, it's no longer easy to distinguish themselves over the washing performance. Rather, experiences, emotions and stories are relevant - the brand "to touch". Pictures, whether moved or unmoved, help to tell these stories. But most of the time, companies lack exactly this - unique and compelling visual content that is on top affordable and created especially for Social Media. A good solution is to work with an external content creator who specializes in social media. There are many possibilities:


Photography of experiences, products, destinations, people ... the possibilities are manifold.

Short videos

In social networks, the attention span is low - so videos must be designed specifically for it.


What can an overall image strategy look like? Moodboards can help with decision-making.

Product testing & live stories

Besides creating image and video material for the corporate channels, there is also the opportunity to test outdoor or sustainability products as well as destinations and report on my own channels. So far I have been able to realize such projects with Mammut, Grindelwald or the Rhaetian Railway (see examples below). The communication is primarily on my Instagram profile through stories and posts. Upon request, all related statistics are delivered. Shortly Instagram will be supplemented by a blog, which allows more detailed image worlds and live reports.

I've already been able to implement content creation projects for diverse clients, for example Icebreaker, Mammut, the Rhaetian Railway or Grindelwald Sports. Below are some examples of my photographic work.