Photography & Video

“People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.
Without stories, we wouldn’t be human beings at all.”

 – Quote by Seth Godin & Philip Pullman –

From the first delicate dawn at the lake to the blazing sunset on a mountain top, from -20 degrees in the glacier cave to +30 degrees on a brilliant summer day – I am there where the magic for picture stories is created and capture it in photo and video. To do this, I also like to bivouac on lonely high plateaus or explore remote valleys, always looking for new compositions. Not only do I share moments I experience there in images, but through my live stories, the enthusiasm for them becomes palpable. In short, I take the viewer on an emotional journey through the landscapes of Switzerland and the world.


Pictures have been my passion for over 20 years. From destination marketing to outdoor products – as long as it’s about the outdoors, almost anything goes. 


In social networks, attention spans are short – so videos need to be designed specifically for this and grab the viewer from second one.

Topics that I shoot


Outdoor stories and experiences

Outdoor experiences from pleasure hiking to high altitude tours to caving adventures.


Quality gear to use oudoors

Products for outdoor use, from cameras to tents, bivy bags or merino clothing. 

Denys und Tobias vor Panorama

People and their nature stories

For example, document the work of mountain guides on high tour or outdoor instructors in the forest. 


Sustainable, innovative products from startups

Sustainable products, preferably made in Switzerland and recyclable (or on the way to becoming so).

Note: Since the topic of sustainability and reduction of consumption is very close to my heart, in partnerships I pay attention to various factors such as durability, the manufacturing process and the corporate philosophy regarding sustainable business. I generally do not work with fast fashion suppliers, for example. I prefer to return products after use, as I try to keep my equipment as minimal as possible.


I have already implemented content creation projects for various clients, from tourism destinations and outdoor manufacturers to transport companies and camera providers. I have also been able to support individuals such as mountain guides and SMEs in the field of outdoor education with my photography and video skills.

Tourism provider
Mountain guides und Outdoor educator
Other brands

A few highlight projects in detail

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Photo assignment and live report as part of the 100% Women Peak Challenge. Realised:

  • Promotion of the 100% Womens Peak Challenge on my account and the account Swissmountaingirls
  • Stories of the ascent of the Allalinhorn via Hohlaubgrat incl. blog post
  • Photographic accompaniment of the tour
  • Posts & reels on my account and the SMG account

Various orders for OM System as part of a long-term collaboration. Realised so far:

  • Various photography assignments
  • Appearance as brand ambassador
  • Writing blog posts for OM System
  • Producing reels
  • Location scouting and shoot coordination
  • Interviews in front of the camera
  • Mentor in the mentorship programme

Collaboration in the areas of strategy and photography:

  • Analysis of the brand world and the social media profile of Bergprojekt and evaluation of optimisation potentials
  • Shooting the imagery for the new website
  • Promoting a tour to the Lauchernstock with Bergprojekt in my stories and as a post
  • Writing a blog post about the tour

Three-day commissioned production to promote the Engadin.

  • Communication of the adventure world in the Upper Engadine in reels, posts and stories
  • Image production
  • Writing a blog post about the three-day tour.

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