Social media marketing

As a company, do I have to be active on all social media channels?

How and where do I best reach my target group?

How many resources do I need for social media marketing?

And where do I actually get all the content from?

The social media world is fast moving and complex – especially if you are just starting out. Questions like these should ideally be answered in your own social media strategy. If such a paper doesn’t exist yet, I would be happy to support you in creating a strategy framework and train employees for the implementation in daily business. 

And sometimes simply a fresh view from the outside on your own channels would already help – for this purpose I offer an external “checkup”, individually tailored to the respective questions and channels. If, on the other hand, there is a lack of image material for marketing your own product, I will be happy to support you in the creation of content. 

I am interested in consultation

Strategy consulting and tailor-made workshops, adapted to individual needs

I need content

From concept to realisation - photography & storytelling with focus on outdoor, sports and tourism

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